How much does it cost to print the name and numbers? 
All names and numbers as well as all sponsors are already included in the price. There are no further costs on top.
How many sponsors can I add to the top and how much does each sponsor logo cost?
You can have as many sponsor logos printed on the top as you like. All sponsor logos are included in the price of the top.
How do I get an individual design for my team?
You send us your ideas in an email or via the enquiry form and we design the whole top for you. If you want to create your own design, you can. Contact us and we will send you the design template.
What do I do if I do not have my own design or logo?
Let us know your thoughts - we will do your team logo and design.
What is the minimum amount for reordering?
You can reorder tops individually. There is no minimum order amount.
Until when can I still reorder?
You can still reorder the top after years. There is no time limit!
Is there a surcharge for reordering?
No, there is no surcharge for reordering.
After how many items do I get my team discount?
That varies according to the sport. Our sales team will be happy to advise you on that. The discounts range from 5% to 30%
How do I send my design if I have created it myself?
Please upload the design and email us a download link. Alternatively you can contact us and we will give you an FTP access
How wash-resistant or colour-fast is the print on the jerseys?
The colour is 100% wash-resistant. The top will not fade and the colours are still bright even after being washed many times
Can I also order tops individually?
Of course. Please email us at info@tanked.de
What are the advantages of an individual design?
Tops from Tanked offer great features. By not using flex and flock printing, the tops are significantly more breathable than most other tops available on the market. All tops are made from high-quality 3M Moisture Management Material. As the name, numbers and sponsor are included in the price, TANKED products have a price advantage over many products on the market. Of course, the tops also last significantly longer. As there is no flock or flex to come off. Due to the tops being highly individual, the team naturally is much more recognisable. Also it is much more attractive for sponsors.
What advantages does a top from Tanked have compared to normal tops?
Tops can always be re-ordered from Tanked. Therefore existing sets of tops can be replaced with newly ordered tops. If the team does not want to, whole sets never have to be bought again, just those that are really needed.
What colours can be used?
You can use any colour. There are no restrictions.
Can existing sets of tops be complemented with tops from Tanked?
Yes, they can. Please contact our sales team and we will take a look at the existing tops. Of course, this is only possible where trademarks allow.
Are all logos included in the price?
All logos are included in the price. We can also reproduce all sponsor logos in the right colour. Therefore the sponsor's CI/colour conceptual design is always guaranteed.
In what file format should the logos be delivered so that they can be printed on the tops?
Logos should preferably be available as Adobe Illustrator files (.ai) , vector-based PDFs or EPS. Alternatively you can also provide us with high-resolution, original sized JPGs  (300 DPI or larger), however we do not recommend this version.
What is a vector logo?
A path-based graphic. For more information, have a look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_graphics.
How do I know if a logo is high-resolution?
Open the file with a conventional graphical software and check the file under image settings. In case of doubt, send it to us and we will check it for you. If the logos are not available as printable files, we can create them after consultation and for a small surcharge.
How Tanked support works?
If you have a team that plays in a league and you think that your team has deserved support, then contact us and we will put together for your individual offer. It does not matter whether you play in a top league or a recreational league - what matters to us is that your hearts are in it!
How long does delivery take?
Your individual Tanked Jerseys will be delivered 4-6 weeks after your final proof and after we have received the payment.
Does our team receive a discount if we have the Tanked logo printed on our jerseys?
No. Tanked is the manufacturer and in principle has its logo on all products produced by Tanked. There is still however enough room for all sponsors. Tanked is the manufacturer and not a sponsor.
Can our own sponsors be combined with Tanked sponsors?
Yes, TANKED logos are placed in a set  and all the team's own sponsors can be combined with it in any way you like.
How can I pay? What methods of payment are there?
Tanked only takes payment in advance. Our sales team will gladly provide you with the invoice for your order. If there are a lot of tops, a deposit of at least 50% can be arranged with our sales team. The balance must however be paid before the tops are sent.